Activities at Sea

                       Since 2005


        Öresund is our sailing water

Speedy or more calm, one boat or many?

An activity with your customers or colleagues.

Arrangements with

theme and goal

                1. Sailing & Team building

                2. Cruising

                3. Sailing school and  seamanship

                4. Sail  to a nice dinner place

                5. Club racing

SAILING, a nice mix of interaction and experience

Sailing give us good conditions  to both meet and socialize with colleagues and /or customers when it at the same  is an amazing experience. It’s not only about the actual sailing it’s also about the preparations before and the so important “after-sail”.

We have sailingclothes to all participants.

You do not have to have any previous sailing experience, beginners as well as advanced sailors are welcome!

Scroll down and read about the different  sailing arrangements   Regatta i Höllviken offers

1. Sailing and Team Building
Through a sailing race we educate the participants to maneuver the boat in an effective way. This demands close cooperation between the participants. Further more the sailors will probably get to know themselves and the other people on the boat a little bit better when they face fun, but challenging tasks together. (full or half day)

2. Cruising

Here you find a list of examples on where to we can cruise

with starting point Falsterbokanalen. The trips takes

everything from 3 hours up to a full day

* Malmö – Skanör with after sail and dinner
* Falsterbokanalen – Malmö (Dockan, Västra Hamnen)
* Malmö – Lomma  back and forth with dinner in Lomma    harbor
* See Malmö Skyline and  sail  under Öresundsbron
* Sail to Denmark (lot of different  harbor alternatives such as Dragör, Copenhagen, Flakfortet
* Skanör – Falsterbokanalen passing the windmills and the bridge
* Falsterbokanalen – Skåre back and forth with packed lunch
* Roundtrip Saltholm
* Roundtrip Falsterbonäset

  1. 3.Sailing school and seamanship

    A beginner course divided in one theory part and one practical part (3-5 hours)
The theory part includes terminology,
how to rig a boat, how to find the wind, tacking and gybing the boat and a couple of knots.
The practical part is when we go out and take action on what we’ve learned in the theory part

The content of the course is of course customized the fit the participants

4 Sail to a nice dinner place

       Close to most harbors there are nice restaurants. We sail together and after we eat a good meal at one of those restaurants. Food always tastes better after you’ve been on the sea  sailing! 

5. Club Racing

Wednesdays outside Falsterbokanalen

Thursdays outside Skanör

Here we participate in the local sailing club’s races  that takes place each week. The actual race takes 1-1,5 h and the start is at 7 pm.

Depending on the level of ambition we need  to exercise a few moments  together in order to get the right team spirit before start.

When the race is done we share a snack or a lighter meal.

For making reservations or for more information please give us a call or send us an email.

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